God of Justice, Law, and Redemption


Law, Protection, Healing, Glory, Liberation

Laros is most often worshiped by Paladins, Clerics that revere Order, Guardsmen, and Fighters who wish to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Laros is a harsh but fair God who spent his mortal life bringing criminals to justice. He was known to be close friends with Morgar, and could not stand Tucklemarc. He is often seen as the Guardsman of the Gods, capturing evil doers for Morgar to judge and for Arikkia—whom he tolerates as a necessity—to mete Morgar’s ruling. He is also depicted healing those injured in confrontations with criminals.

His shrines are located in guard barracks, guard towers, and wherever Paladins may congregate.

Laros’s holy symbol is a set of manacles wrapped around the haft of a Morningstar.


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