God of Combat, Balance, Life and Death


Repose, Nobility, Death, Knowledge, Protection

In his mortal life, Garafin was a celebrated noble knight of the capital, lauded by his brothers-in-arms as a gallant man who never backed down from a challenge, but would help his opponent to their feet when he bested them. He relished the flow of combat and was well-versed on the many forms of swordsmanship.

He was also known to be solemn at times, honoring those fallen in battle.
His worshipers follow his tenants: Fair fights, respecting one’s opponents, studying combat to be better at defense and offense, and honoring those who have fallen in battle. They see combat as a necessary part of life and never back down from it. His worshipers include mercenaries of all walks of life, knights, and guardsmen that don’t follow Laros.

He is most often depicted as a suit of armor holding a sword and shield.

His holy symbol is a heater shield with two long swords crossed behind it.


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