The Shattered Mirrors Campaign is a fantasy setting with several medieval-style towns. Some are small settlements like Patz, and others are mighty kingdoms such as the human kingdom of Draevoka or the elven kingdom of Alurana Nym.


Villages are some of the smallest settlements. They are typically no more than a thousand people, and are usually agrarian or fishing villages.


Larger than villages, but still typically agrarian, are towns. They typically have less than five thousand people living in them, and usually have a small, standing guard. They also typicially have a section of town devoted to travelling merchants.


Kingdoms are the largest settlements made by humanoids, and usually have many different ways to self-sustain: industry, farms, fishing, etc. There is usually a castle of some sort located within the kingdom, and it is surrounded by large, defensible walls. They are also sectioned off according to wealth and prestige: a commons district, a merchants district, and a nobles district is usually the layout. Additionally, they may be divided by function, as well. Residential areas, commercial and market areas, industrial areas, scholarly areas, and clerical areas are all present in kingdoms.


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