Goddess of Madness, Wrath, and Emotion


Madness, Evil, Chaos, Void, Magic

Parali is a troubled, chaotic goddess who is known to bring disaster upon anyone at a whim. She is blamed for any magical or natural disaster or tragedy, and is rarely worshiped. One does not usually proclaim to be a worshiper of Parali, but instead is said to be touched by Parali: those mentally ill, those who are unrepentant murderers, or anyone who falls well outside of the bounds of the norm are said to be her thralls. Voluntary worshipers are usually cultists or evil Chaos Mages.

She has no known shrines.

She is depicted most often as a swirling mass of magic, stars, and fire surrounding two large eyes.

Her holy symbol is a vortex with glass beads or gems representing stars.


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