God of Judgement, Forge, and Weapons


Earth, Artifice, Rune, Community, Knowledge

Morgar, or as the dwarves know him, The Forge King, is the god who passes Judgement on those apprehended by Laros. It is said that he then sends those judged to Arikka, the Goddess of Punishment for their castigation. When he is not presiding over trials for immortal souls, he is hard at work at his forge, crafting magical equipment and trinkets.

His worshipers include dwarves, judges, blacksmiths, armorsmiths, weaponsmiths, and anyone who crafts magical items as a profession.

He is depicted as a stern-faced dwarf with a thick, grey beard holding a large and ornate angular mallet.

His holy symbol is a scale with an anvil on one side balanced by a hammer on the other.


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