Goddess of Piety, Strength, and Bravery


Sun, Strength, Glory, Nobility, Weather

Borgakh, Daughter of the Sun, Goddess of Glory, is paid tribute by all manners of nomadic and barbarian peoples. Where Rana is worshiped and revered by travelers, Borgakh is worshiped by people who have no home to call their own. It is said she is the one who moves the sun through the sky and brings about the rains that give life. In this, she is said to wrestle with Parali over control of storms. Her communicants can often be found in the company of Traxl’s and Garafin’s devotees.

Borgakh’s congregants include barbarians, warpriests, and the nomadic cultures of the Orcs and Halflings.

In art, she is depicted as a tall, muscular Orc outfitted in leather and scales with a golden, spiked flail.

Her holy symbol is always a golden sun with a face and tusks.


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