Goddess of Punishment, Retribution, and Execution


Law, Darkness, Evil, Retribution, Charm

The last of the Judgement trio is Arikkia, the Goddess of Punishment. Though she is of evil alignment, she is known as a force of necessity rather than evil. Arikkia exacts the punishments of those captured by Laros and judged by Morgar. Her punishments are harsh and often fit the crime committed.

She has a healthy respect for both Laros and Morgar (and a better relationship to Morgar for obvious reasons), and absolutely despises Parali’s afflicted and the goddess herself.

Arikkia’s shrines are found in capital cities and in prisons. Smaller shrines can be found in courthouses and guard barracks.

Arikka’s holy symbol is a log with a long-handled axe embedded into it.


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