Shattered Mirror

A Homebrew campaign using a lightly modified version of the Pathfinder d20 system.

What is it about?

The game takes place in a world that has enjoyed a relatively peaceful history for at least five thousand years: there have been a few scattered wars that have lasted a few months, mostly over land and territory, but nothing major. Monsters are scarce but not unknown, the occasional Demon Summoner has been brought down, the infrequent necromancer has been disposed, and cult leaders come and go. But it has been a nice peace. However, recently (in the past decade), those of you whose characters are more well-traveled or connected have heard of incredibly uncommon, weird occurrences dubbed “Shifts” where things would appear briefly for a few moments, then vanish without a trace, or strange voices are heard with no obvious source. Many of these are simply dismissed as crazy stories or drunken hallucinations, though, and are not at the front of anyone’s mind.

However, an unlikely group of adventurers have discovered that these “drunken hallucinations” seem to be exactly the opposite. They’ve found themselves in the town of Dundee, and have discovered many dungeons that have begun appearing where there was nothing previously. What’s causing these labyrinths to appear suddenly? Why is there more undead activity in the past month than there has been in over a decade? Why are there so many goblins appearing and harassing the town? For pleasure or for profit, the group has begun to try and unravel the mystery.

Shattered Mirrors

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