Kolos Mefwin

The Wizardy son of the Mayor of Dundee


STR 12
DEX 14
CON 14
INT 18
WIS 12
CHA 14

HP 17
AC 14


Kolos Mefwin is a scholar, a reader, a devout seeker of knowledge. He never took very well to sword play, learning only the basics of the dagger and defense. Instead, he threw himself into the study of the arcane, being much more fascinated with runes, incantations, and the eldritch magic that holds the world together.

Being the son of a major political figure helped him pursue his passions, freeing him from the mundane task of working in the field or tending a bar or running a business. This has allowed him to become very good at what he does. However, this also means that he does not quite have the force of personality that his father does, and this bothers him. He wants to be a leader, but he doesn’t want to lead a town. He feels his calling is somewhat more… adventurous. So for his 20th birthday, he asked his father for a focus for his magic and was gifted a finely crafted dagger, which he dubbed “Killjoy”.

Kolos began traveling on patrol with the town guard, exploring the lands immediately surrounding Dundee but never traveling more than a day away. However, the recent occurrences of the Shifts has made him a little more daring, and he’s been actively patronizing the few bars and taverns in town.

Kolos Mefwin

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